Fishing Tours Questions
What Join On Day fishing tours do you offer?
- Join On Day fishing tours currently available is Big Game 1 - Racha Yai Island Join On Day

What Private Charter fishing tours do you offer?
- Private Charter fishing tours currently available are Big Game 1 - Racha Yai Island and Big Game 2 - Rachai Yai and Racha Noi Islands Private Charter

How much does Join On Day fishing tour cost?
- 2,500 THB per person for fishing and 1,500 THB for anyone who's not interested in fishing but will would still like to come along.

How much does Private Charter cost?
- It depends on what fishing tour, amount of people and boat size. Please visit our Private Charter price list here.

Is trolling and bottom fishing equipment included?
- Yes. It's included on all our fishing trips.

Is snorkeling equipment included?
- Yes, but we suggest you do bring your own.

Is bait included, if yes then what do you use?
- Yes, bait is included. Typically squid is used.

Do you have towels for your guests?
- We do not provide towels on the tour, please be sure to bring your own.

Is lunch included, if yes then what is served?
- Yes, we offer lunch for everyone on all our tours. Typically Khao Pad, fried chicken, Tom yam and fried fish. Fruit such as pineapple and watermelon is served as well.

You can also request to eat freshly caught raw fish on the Private Charter tours. Please make sure to mention it during booking.

Are drinks included?
- Yes, we offer guests water and soft drinks throughout the trip.

Are there toilets on your boats?
- Yes, our boats always have toilets.

Payment and misc.
Is there any insurance for guests?
- Yes, Life Insurance and Accident Insurance are included from CHUBB Samaggi Insurance PLC.

How do I pay?
- Typically by bank transfer. Payment details will be sent to you during booking.

What happens if I cancel the trip?
- If you decide to cancel on the day of the trip there will be a 100% charge.

What happens if Sommai Fishing Tour cancel the trip due to bad weather?
- Sommai Fishing Tour has the right to cancel any fishing tours whenever we consider it's a hazard or dangerous to our crew and customers to go to sea. The decision to cancel the trip is based on Thai Meteorological Department's warnings.
If we cancel your trip the trip date will moved to the next day without any additional charges.


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