Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find the commonly asked questions we receive. If you're thinking about asking something, please check to see if it's already been answered below.

Depending where in Thailand, you’ll have a different chance of catching different types of fish. However, in Phuket, Thailand, most commonly caught fish are tuna, mackerel, sailfish, wahoo and marlin which can also be caught on the tour.
The main difference is the fishing spots and fishing tour duration. With Big Game 1, we fish along the way to Racha Yai island, located 20km from Phuket. With Big Game 2, we fish along the way to Racha Noi, located 40km from Phuket. Big Game 1 is 1 hour shorter than Big Game 2. Catching and fishing for more extraordinary fish is increased on Big Game 2 due to its fishing location.
Yes you can! Please be sure to mentioned it to us beforehand.
Charter fishing in Phuket, Thailand can range anywhere from 10,000 THB to 20,000 THB. It all depends on the tour agency/operator, fishing program and how many passengers. At Sommai Fishing Tour, we aim to provide affordable, quality chartered fishing tours, starting st 13,000 THB.
The weather is constantly monitored by us and we frequently check Thai Meteorological Department's website for weather updates and warnings. If the weather is too bad (such as heavy rain and strong winds) or TMD has issued a warning, we will inform you before your tour and ask to move it to another date, which suits you. New tour date also depends on tour availability.
Please pay full amount on the day of your tour, by cash, to one of our crew.
Yes! All food served on Sommai Fishing Tour fishing tours are Halal.