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At Sommai Fishing Tour, we offer offshore game fishing in Phuket, Thailand. Trolling and Bottom Fishing as well as Boat Charters at great prices.

Book now and Pay Later! Charter an entire boat to yourself, with a group of friends or family. Catch amazing fish like Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, Big Black Marlin, Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Yellowfin Tuna and Skipjack Tuna, found in the Andaman Sea.

Now offering Join-In Fishing Tours at only 2,700 THB (≈$75)!
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Phuket Charter Fishing tour - Big Game 1
Big Game 1 - Racha Yai

Our most popular full day Phuket charter fishing tour where you will be Trolling and Bottom fishing near one of Thailand’s stunning Islands – Racha Yai Island.
Fishing Charter

From 13,500 THB
up to 4 people

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Phuket Charter Fishing tour - Big Game 2
Big Game 2 - Racha Noi

Full day Phuket charter fishing tour that includes Trolling & Bottom fishing near Racha Yai & Racha Noi Island, increasing chances of catching incredible fish!
Fishing Charter

From 17,500 THB
up to 4 people

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Phuket Charter Boat tour - Promthep Cape Sunset
Promthep Cape Sunset

Spend an entire afternoon at sea, swimming and snorkeling, watching the beautiful sunset on the ocean with your favorite people.
Boat Charter

From 14,000 THB
up to 8 people

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Experienced Anglers, a Group of Friends or a Family Leisure Day - Phuket Island Fishing, Snorkeling and Island Cruising

Feel the rush of excitement as you catch big fish in the tropical paradise, Phuket. Let our seasoned captains and crew take you to our best fishing spots, with private fishing charters starting at just 13,500 THB (≈$365). Now also offering Join-In Fishing Trips at only 2,700 THB (≈$75) per person. We offer the best fishing experience for fishermen and novice anglers with easy-to-use fishing equipment.

Family Friendly Trips
Family Friendly Fishing Trips

Spend the full day cruising at sea and explore Phuket's best nearby pristine islands. Go swimming, snorkeling and other top Phuket activities. Explore beaches and go sightseeing on Coral Island (Koh He), Racha Yai Island with our beautiful Catamaran yacht. Boat Charters starting at just 14,000 THB (~$395).

If you're looking for a thrilling opportunity to catch big game fish, fishing in Phuket, Phuket Sports Fishing, we will gladly help to cater to your needs, providing reasonable priced fishing and boat charters in Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket - A Popular Sportfishing Destination

Phuket Island, Thailand has some of the world's most magnificent and breathtaking marine life, just waiting to be explored. This has led to it having become a very popular sportfishing destination for both game fishing enthusiasts and average Joes' alike, from all over the globe, to come and visit. Get the chance to catch all the incredible variety of game fish available in Racha Yai and Racha Noi, surrounding Phuket island.

Remarkable Game Fish of the Andaman Sea

Depending on the season, different types of game fish can be seen at sea. The amazing Sailfish, which is known for reaching unbelievable speeds, is prized by many sport fishermen. How about the Blue and Black Marlin? Both colored Marlin can be found in Phuket waters. They can be challenging and tough to reel in when caught, however, that has never stopped an enthusiastic, big game angler before.

Some other game fish that are worth mentioning are, of course, game fish Wahoo, Barracuda and Giant Trevally, also known as the 'GT'. These bad boys are many game fishers' favorites', not only to catch but to even just witnessing them is an incredibly thrilling sight.

Wahoo - Game Fish
Credit by marlinmag.com
Giant Trevally - Game Fish
Giant Trevally
Credit by wikipedia.org

All these game fish are known for their strength and can also be tough to catch, making them a popular target for anglers looking for a challenge.

SommaiFishingTour is a Phuket based, join-in & private charter fishing and boat tour operator, offering fun and exciting sportfishing and deep-sea fishing as well as boat charters to Coral Island, Racha Island and Promthep Cape at great prices. Whether you're looking for Marlin, Tuna fishing or other game fishing, we are ready to take you, with our Phuket fishing tours book now.

Find the best fishing spots in Phuket by booking our Phuket family fishing tours and pro game fishing tours. We are ready to take you on the best Phuket fishing adventures!