Racha Yai Island, Phuket

Other names: Ko Racha Yai, Raya Yai Island

Distance from Phuket: 24 km

How to get there: from Chalong Pier by speedboat

To do's: snorkeling, fishing, swimming, explore, diving, relax, canoeing

Racha Yai Island is an island located off the coast of Phuket, Thailand. It is a popular destination for snorkeling and diving, due to its clear waters and abundant marine life. Racha Yai Island is also known for its beautiful beaches, including Patok Beach, which is known for its crystal clear waters and soft, white sand. The island is a great place to relax and unwind, as it is less crowded and developed than Phuket.

Thing's to Do

One of the top things to do on Racha Yai Island is to go fishing, snorkeling or diving. The island is home to many colorful coral reefs and a diverse range of marine life, including tropical fish, sea turtles, and dolphins. There are several dive shops on the island that offer snorkeling and diving trips, as well as equipment rentals and lessons for beginners.

In addition to its beautiful beaches and marine life, Racha Yai Island is also home to a few small villages, which offer a glimpse into traditional Thai life. The island is a great place to try local Thai food, as there are several small restaurants and vendors near the beach that serve delicious snacks and authentic dishes.

While Racha Yai Island is a great place to relax and unwind, it is also a great place for adventure. The island is home to several hiking trails, which offer beautiful views of the surrounding islands and the Andaman Sea. There are also several waterfalls on the island, which are a great place to cool off on a hot day.

A Place to Escape Crowds

Overall, Racha Yai Island is a beautiful and peaceful destination that is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and experience the natural beauty and culture of Thailand.

Racha Yai Island in Phuket
Racha Yai Island near Phuket
Credit by tourismthailand.org